Painted Buildings

If you are looking for your building to be supplied with an exterior painted finish, this can be done for you for an additional cost by our dedicated painting team.

The overall finish is superb as the paint is sprayed on the building, leaving a smooth appearance. 

Not only is this time saving, but it’s also convenient if you are placing your building next to a fence or a wall and will not have access to the restricted sides once the building is installed.

The building will first be treated inside and outside with our standard base coat preservative. Then a knot blocker is applied on the outside to help stop the knots from bleeding through the paint. 

Finally, the exterior of the building will receive 2 coats of the colour of your choice. You can keep it simple with one colour all over or to help personalise your building, you can choose up to 2 colours per building at no extra cost. 

The primary colour is the main body of the building.

The secondary colour can be for: doors, windows, facias or corner trims. 

Finally, we will supply a touch-up pot of paint in the colour you choose for any future touch ups so you’ll always have the correct colour to hand, or 2 pots if you choose 2 colours. 

We have a wide range of colours to choose from, but please do remember the above colour chart is designed to provide an indication of the colours in the range; it should not be taken as an exact replication of colour. 

If you are keen to see what the exact colour will look like, please contact us and we can post out a sample for you to help you visualise (maximum of 3 samples per customer).

Ordering Process

  1. Select the primary colour of your choice from the drop-down box.
  2. Tick the secondary colour box if you require 2 colours.
  3. Choose the options from the drop down box that you would like painted in the secondary colour, this can be the full option of doors, windows, facias and trims or you can select any combination of the above.

Choose a colour

Clear White


Cotton Tail


Mown Hay




Light Blue

Town House



Light Grey



Dark Grey

Cover Dale Green

Swiss Blue

Corn Flower Blue

Lilac Lace

Light pink

Dark Pink


Click paint pot to preview colour