All our buildings are made from Russian redwood T&G Shiplap. We do not use any sheet material in our buildings.

The buildings are complete and include:

Treatment inside and out, the floor, the roof, green mineral roofing felt, toughened horticultural glass, a lock and key, all the nails and screws to put it together, assembly instructions, free local delivery and VAT.

No, All our sheds are constructed of the same high quality tongue and groove shiplap. They’re extremely well made and when you buy a shed you very much get what you pay for. Unless of course you choose to upgrade the cladding to either the Premier or Tanalised which gives a thicker finish.

The main differences are the heights, specification and features.

The strongest building we do depends on the type and size of the building you are after, The strongest buildings are:

The Security Apex or Pent
The Rhino Apex or Pent
The Heavy Duty Apex or Pent
The Elton

Yes, sometimes you might want to upgrade the specification or features. We have an extensive list of optional extras that are available on all of our sheds.

Yes, just mention it in the notes section when you order online or in-store.

Although we would love to, we are unable to offer nationwide delivery. Please check your postcode is in the delivery areas we cover.

Once you order your shed we will be in touch to confirm a delivery date. Deliveries are made Monday – Friday and you will be given a 6 hour window so you do not have to wait in all day.

Unless you book installation, deliveries are roadside/driveway only. The driver will be as helpful as possible and get the delivery vehicle as close as they can to your property.

Please make sure you think about how you are going to get the building into your garden. The buildings come in sections and some sections can be as tall as 2.5m, so they will not go through a house, garage or under a gate that has something over the top of it.

All our vehicles are are generally small enough to get down roads that most large cars can.

Yes, we can still deliver although once the delivery is made, a photo will be taken and responsibility of the goods is handed to the customer. Therefore we always advise that someone is at home to receive the delivery and to reschedule if it’s not convenient.

The buildings are sectional. As a general rule apex sheds have 7 sections and pent sheds have 6 sections. However, it is possible for your shed to be made in smaller parts, in order to get it into your garden. Larger buildings have more sections.

Ideally you would have a side entrance to your house, but we know that’s not always the case. If you live in a terraced house, have access through your garage or your side gate has a height restriction that cannot be removed, we can still supply any of our sheds. This just means your shed will have to be made into smaller sections to suit your restrictions. Note that this service carries additional costs depending on how many sections need to be made smaller.

Once you have selected the shed you want we can advise you of the dimensions of the largest section and you will be able to measure up and see if it will fit without having to be made into smaller sections.

The building would need to be ordered to suit your height restriction so it’s vital that it’s mentioned during the order process.

No, Health and Safety has to come first. The sections are incredibly heavy and awkward, so lifting over things is not an option. Our installation team are not allowed not do this, so please think about your access carefully. We are always happy to help and advise if you’re not sure.

Sheds should be placed on a square level surface. A concrete base, paved area or decking are ideal.

No, Concrete bases are the ideal surface to put a shed on, but they are costly and involve more work, so they don’t appeal to everyone.

Yes, our sales team will be able to give you some phone numbers of our recommended tradesmen.

Bearers and slabs are a cost effective way of creating a base. You just need to level the area beforehand.

No, please read our Before you Buy guide to help you understand how the system works.

No, please read our Before you Buy guide to help you understand how the system works.

Ideally, you should leave enough room to be able to walk around the building to make maintenance easier in the future. We know space is always at a premium, so we recommend that you leave at least one foot all the way around in order to maintain the shed in future years. It’s also worth remembering that the roof overhangs in every direction, so allowance should be made for this.

Yes, as long as you have some DIY knowledge then they are quite simple. If you are a novice, then maybe it might be best to book installation and let the experts work whilst you sit back and watch.

No, the building will be delivered on the same day it is installed so that you do not have to wait in on two different occasions. If you require the building to be delivered on a separate day to the installation a delivery charge will be added to your order.

We will give you a morning or afternoon slot to deliver and install your building, but please remember sometimes installations can overrun and although we will keep to the day, we cannot guarantee to keep to the time schedule.

The installers will install the building wherever you ask them to as long as the ground is prepared and suitable. If you don’t have a prebuilt concrete base for the shed to sit on we suggest that you mark out the area with some string so you can get used to where the building will sit in your garden.

Once you’ve shown the installer where you would like your building and the installation process has begun, we will not accept responsibility if the building is installed in the “wrong” place. Therefore please think carefully about where you want it installed.

Yes, as you can imagine the sections can be very heavy and awkward and during the installation process our team may need to go back and forth to the vehicle several times. Therefore it’s vital that we can park outside your house. Our delivery vehicles aren’t huge so we can usually fit in the space of a large car.

If you don’t have your own driveway, it’s a good idea for you to reserve us a space with your own car and maybe a bin and then move it for us when we get there to enable the installation to go smoothly.

We will expect you to advise us if there are any restrictions at your address at the point of ordering your building.

This includes any red routes, parking permit only bays, parking meter bays and long distances we have to walk to get the building into your garden.

Any costs incurred for parking charges are not included in the delivery/installation charges and these costs should be covered by the customer.

Yes, we offer a take down and take away service. All you need to do is measure your existing shed and email us with the size and a photo and we can give you a quote.

If take down and clear is booked, the existing shed will need to be emptied and disconnected from any electrics before we arrive on site.

No, PayPal offer a payment option using just your debit/credit card, without a PayPal account. Just scroll past the PayPal account login details and you will see a blue button where you can pay with your credit/debit card. In either case, payments are processed on their secure servers and our website does not store your debit/credit card details.

Installation is payable on the day directly to the installer, either by cash or BACS. Should you require their bank details, they will be given to you on the day of installation.

No, payment for the building, bearers and slabs needs to be made in full at the point of ordering. The installation charge is always payable on the day.

No, unfortunately we are unable to offer any kind of credit or finance.

We advise that you treat your building within 3-6 months of the installation date and annually thereafter.

We always recommend treating the building with a spirit based preserver or a water based treatment with a wax finish.

In an ideal world all sides would be accessible for future treatment, but we know this will not always be the case. Usually the sides that are close to fences or bushes get less weathered than those more exposed so this will help, but the best advice we can give is just make sure you treat all the areas you can yearly. Installing guttering can also help greatly.

Yes, loft insulation is a great cost effective material to use. Simply fill the walls, cover with a damp proof membrane such as Tyvek and finish with plywood.

Yes, but if you want to put a heater in your building then you will need to insulate and ventilate the building. Ventilation can be achieved by an opening window, which is available as an optional extra should your building not come with one as standard. It’s important that this advice is followed otherwise the boards can swell and twist, causing structural damage to the building.

Yes, our buildings are suitable for electrics, however, as we are not qualified, we cannot install them ourselves. We recommend that a qualified electrician installs this for you.

Although we do not supply and fit guttering, should you wish to install some yourself we’ve found that FloPlast guttering works well with our buildings.

Yes, the most cost effective way to have shelves inside your building is to purchase simple MDF selves and simple L brackets from any DIY store. A free standing unit will work just as well.

No, timber is a natural product that may move, shrink and split over time. The best advice we can give you is make sure you keep on top of the annual treatment and this will ensure your building will be well preserved and help prevent any movement that may happen due to the timber being too dry.

You’ll find that companies who offer warranty’s have an unbelievable amount of get out clauses. It’s a selling tactic, so they’re generally not worth the paper they’re written on. Timber is a natural product after all, and over time it will move, shrink and spilt. No-one can stop that from happening. However, if your building develops a fault that’s due to the manufacturing, we will happily sort this out.