Custom Build

If you cannot find a building to suit your needs or if we do not list a specific size that you are looking for, please enquire about a custom built model.

It is possible to mix and match any of our shed features.

Optional extras cannot be ordered via this web site, if you would like to include any optional extras on your building, please email or fax us at point of ordering and they can be added on to your order manually.

Listed below are optional extras that we can offer:

Acrylic Safety Glass 18″x18″ £20.00
Acrylic Safety Glass 24″x18″ £26.00
Additional Fixed Window 24″x18″ £27.00
Additional Shed Door Fitted £121.00
Althorpe Door 2ft wide (Pair) £389.00
Althorpe Door 2ft 6″ wide (Pair) £458.00
Althorpe Fixed Window £89.00
Althorpe Opening Window £139.00
Antique Hinges per set per door £35.00
Antique / Ornate Door Handle £33.00
Barn Door (Single) Upgrade – 2ft 6″ £202.00
Barn Doors (Double) Upgrade – 5ft £355.00
Bay Windows £279.00
Door within a door (Deluxe Kennel) £164.00
Double Doors 4ft wide – Standard £87.00
Double Doors 5ft wide – Standard £105.00
Double Doors 6ft wide – Standard £139.00
Double Doors 7ft wide – Standard £166.00
Double Garage Doors 7ft wide £251.00
Double Staging per foot (2 shelves)    N/A
Elton Door each inc furniture £319.00
Elton Windows £278.00
Extra Chimney (Snowdrop Cottage Style) £87.00
Extra Window in Barn as Gable Window £89.00
Floors in two sections £58.00
Fully Framed Security Door Upgrade £63.00
Groundsman Bench (if not required less £60) £213.00
Groundsman Door Upgrade (per door) £197.00
Heavy Duty Door Knob & Lock £26.00
Heavy Duty Galvanised Door Hinges (Set) £71.00
Heavy Duty Roofing Felt (per square foot) £1.11
Heavy Duty 3/4″ Floor Boards (per square foot) £1.49
Higher Shed Door by 4.5″ £35.00
Increased Eaves Height by 4.5″ (1 board) 8%
Increased Shed Door width up to 3’6″ £63.00
Internal Sliding Door an a partition £269.00
Joinery Opening Window 24″x18″ £58.00
Joinery 2 Pane with an opening window £87.00
Joinery 3 Pane with an opening window £112.00
Leaded Glass per pane (exc. joinery) £76.00
Modified Buildings per board lower
No Floor on building (per square foot) -£0.80
Pair of Summerhouse Doors (£252.00 Single) £465.00
Playhouse Joinery Window £81.00
Potting Shed Window (Opening) £60.00
Premier and Loglap Cladding add 25%
Ramp for 2ft 6″ Door £72.00
Ramp for 3ft Door £80.00
Ramp for 4ft Door £89.00
Roll Standard Felt (20m)b – Supply Only £30.00
Roll Heavy Duty Felt (10m)   N/A
Scollopped Barge Boards £45.00
Security Bolted Hinges (set per door) £65.00
Security Padbolt Protector £74.00
Security Window & Cill £62.00
Shed Lock & Key – Supply Only £ 7.00
Shingles / Felt Tiles per box (3m Square Area) £80.00
Shutters per pair for Playhouse £35.00
Sides in Two Sections £58.00
Single Staging per foot (1 shelf)   N/A
Summerhouse Lock & Key £35.00
Stable Door Upgrade £53.00
Tanalised/Pressure Treatment   25%
Wentworth Double Doors £553.00
Window Boxes for Playhouses £31.00
Window Cill and Door Drip £36.00
2″x 2″ (50mm X 50mm) Heavy Duty Framing 15%
3″x 2″ (75mm X 50mm) Heavy Duty Framing 25%
6 Pane Georgian Fixed Window £74.00
6 Pane Georgian Opening Window £146.00
9 Pane Georgian Fixed Window £94.00
9 Pane Georgian Opening Window £153.00
12 Pane Georgian Opening Window £189.00
12 Pane Georgian Fixed Window £126.00
8ft Detachable Gables £92.00
10ft Detachable Gables £126.00
12ft Detachable Gables £173.00
2ft 6″ Veranda on a 6ft Gabled Building £197.00
2ft 6″ Veranda on a 7ft Gabled Building £225.00
4ft Veranda on a 6ft Gabled Building £315.00
4ft Veranda on a 7ft Gabled Building £360.00